About US

Kasem Al.Khaled, Chairman

Since the beginning, I was very keen to provide the best quality product supported by the best customer’s service at a cost effective price, in order to gain credibility with customers. Thanks to the trust of our valued customers, and the great support of our strategic partners in success that have always been our best brokers in delivering our product to you. Which has been the two pillars of our success, and the real reason for the rapid growth that accompanied our twenty years’ journey of continuous success, and our constant motive to maintain our position and even to provide more. Today, after the huge spread around the world, our products are ranked among the top five in the field of electrical fittings and fixture worldwide. As a stage of growth of our Ambition plan, we acquired SANCHE Japan as a part of our Ambition plan to build a new Brand name KONNICE that will carry our range of electrical fitting and fixture products, and extends to include electrical, electronic and household appliances. That will be provided in the same unique quality and the cost effective price. In the context of our new vision, the name KONNICE will be a shining star in the world of electrical equipment and electronics. It becomes the first in your choice for all your electrical and household appliances.

Breif History

We are Kasem Al-Khalid International Group, the owners of the KONNICE brand name and the exclusive agent for all over the world. In 1993 at Syria, Kasem Al-Khalid International Group was established.

Thanks to the high technology and high quality that was adopted by the company, it gained a strong reputation in the local market which was rapidly growing, the demand was increasing for the company's products in the Far East countries.

In line with the market trends to reduce costs as most international companies. In 2005 we decided to open a new factory of 100,000 square meters’ area. While maintaining the Japanese technology and high quality that were key to the success of the company. That opened the way for us to continue spreading to cover Europe and North America to continue our success in these countries. Since 2003 we started to penetrate the Middle East and North Africa countries and became the “market choice # 1” among the top 3 market leaders in the industry all over Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, KSA, Kuwait, and other countries. Finally, we opened our regional oce in Dubai to manage the operations and distribution of the Middle East and North Africa.


KONNICE always provides evolving and innovative solutions" for a better living”, in the world of electrical fittings, fixtures, and electronic appliances, building an equity and credible brand name that acquires the customers trust.


  1. 1. Drive the progress toward a safer, healthier, greener, and smarter world.
  2. 2. Deliver innovative electrical and electronics solutions and support that meet and exceed customer expectations.
  3. 3. Strengthen our offering to customers in focus segments through strategic partnerships, alliances and acquisitions.
  4. 4. Seek continuous evolving in everything we do..